Heartfelt Thanks for the Psychedelic Journey: Wild Horses Festival 2023 was Pure Bliss!

Heartfelt Thanks for the Psychedelic Journey: Wild Horses Festival 2023 was Pure Bliss!
Hey festival fam! Skully here, your friendly festival blogger, back with a heart overflowing with gratitude and memories from the Wild Horses Festival 2023!

This year's Wild Horses was beyond anything I could have imagined. From the moment I stepped onto the festival grounds, I was swept away by the infectious energy, vibrant atmosphere, and incredible talent.

The Wild Horses Festival, nestled amidst the Victorian bush located in Australia, recently galloped into its 7th edition, leaving a trail of exhilaration and memories. From the moment you entered, it was clear this wasn't your average music festival. 

Stage Design to Dazzle
Two stages, each unique and captivating, set the scene for an immersive experience. The main stage, a behemoth of light and ingenuity, pulsed with energy, while the intimate "Stables" stage offered a cosy cocoon for musical discovery. The attention to detail was breathtaking, from the intricate lighting to the organic textures woven into the design. At night the video mapping was out of this world. 
The Wild Horses Festival wouldn't have been the same without the incredible talents of its DJs, lighting and stage crews. The DJs curated sonic journeys that captivated the crowd, seamlessly blending genres and keeping the energy high throughout the event. Their mastery of music selection and technical skills created the perfect soundtrack for the festival experience. The lighting and stage crews were nothing short of wizards, transforming both stages into breathtaking spectacles. Their creative use of light, colour, and design brought the music to life and enhanced the overall atmosphere of the festival. The seamless coordination between all these teams ensured a flawless and unforgettable experience for every attendee. It was truly a collective effort of talent and passion that made the Wild Horses Festival so special.

Sound that Soared
The Funktion One sound system wasn't just playing music; it was sculpting a sonic landscape. Each note resonated with clarity and depth, transporting the crowd into a world of pure auditory pleasure. Whether you were a seasoned Doofer or simply a music lover, the sound at Wild Horses was a treat for your senses. Its so nice to be able to speak on the dancefloor while feeling the bass through your chest, this is why we love a Funktion One sound. 

Flow Arts
On stage and throughout the festival grounds, talented flow artists wove their magic with mesmerising props. From colourful poi to LED lit hula hoops and captivating fans, they created a visual feast for the eyes. Their hypnotic movements and creative flow techniques added a touch of enchantment to the festival experience.

A Clean and Green Canvas
At Wild Horses, the meticulously clean grounds weren't just a feat of the dedicated operations and cleaning teams; they were a silent symphony of responsibility played by the thousands of attendees. Despite the joyous chaos, these eco-warriors kept the festival sparkling, allowing the focus to remain solely on the magic of music, art, and connection.

An Art Gallery in the Wild
Wandering through the festival's art gallery felt like stepping into a vibrant world of creativity. Renowned artists like Clint Grierson and Mr. Crystalface shared their visions alongside a plethora of talented artists. From captivating paintings to mesmerising installations, the gallery offered a feast for the senses and a platform for artistic expression.
Above: The art installation by Daniel Popper was truly magnificent and perfectly placed for our viewing pleasure. 

Market Stalls and Festival Finds
No festival is complete without its market stalls, and Wild Horses didn't disappoint. The vendors offered an array of festival goodies, from handcrafted jewellery and unique clothing to delicious food and beverages. Special mention goes to Sam and Bindi, whose beautiful clothing was a treat for their first Wild Horses appearance. 

A Collective Spirit
But what truly made Wild Horses special was the spirit of the people. From the friendly staff and volunteers to the diverse and welcoming crowd, a sense of community permeated every aspect of the festival. The shared love for music, art, and connection created a truly magical atmosphere.
A Wild Ride Worth the Gallop
The Wild Horses Festival was more than just a musical event; it was an experience. It was a celebration of creativity, community, and the human spirit. It was a wild ride worth the gallop, and a memory that will stay with me long after the last note fades away.

Thanks to the Festival's Medical and Police Staff
Wild Horses heroes! Our deepest thanks to the medical and police crews who kept us safe and smiling with engaging conversation, infectious vibes, and epic glow-in-the-dark style. You made the whole festival feel like a warm, safe hug!

To the Unsung Heroes of Wild Horses: A Heartfelt Thank You
While the spotlight often shines on the musicians and artists at a festival, there are countless others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all possible. 
The Wild Horses Festival wouldn't have been the same without its unsung heroes. From the Traffic Squad keeping the flow smooth to the Gate Crew's smiling welcomes, every detail was handled with efficiency and a touch of friendliness.
Cleaning crews kept the grounds pristine, Info Tent wizards answered countless questions, and Rovers were ever-present with a helping hand. Finally, the Bump In and Bump Out crews, the festival's backbone, ensured everything ran seamlessly from start to finish. Each role played a vital part in creating the magical Wild Horses experience for all.

Thank you Wild Horses for an amazing festival and thank you to the core founders and crew for all your hard work planning and making this all happen. 
Wild Horses isn't just a festival, it's a state of mind. Are you ready to join the herd?

Signed, Skully 💜☠️