Melbourne's Festival Clothing Brand Wild Kandy X Artist Light Wizard Collaboration

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Unleashing the Magic of Collaboration: Light Wizard x Wild Kandy create a new range of Festival outfits and accessories!  

Hello, fellow festival fashion enthusiasts and rave wear aficionados! We have an electrifying announcement that will take your festival experience to a whole new level of creativity and wonder. Brace yourselves for an amazing visual journey with Light Wizard, the extraordinary Mayan Kiwi artist. In an awe-inspiring collaboration with Melbourne's new online festival fashion brand, Wild Kandy, Light Wizard is about to weave his artistic brilliance into the very fabric of festival outfits and accessories.  

Let us introduce you to Steve Willis, a rare and fascinating individual born in Wellington in 1981, blending the rich cultural heritage of his father's New Zealand roots and his mother's Guatemalan origins. A true global citizen, he has traversed the world, immersing himself in the diverse art and culture of Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

From a young age, Steve's artistic prowess began to unfurl, as he passionately nurtured his creativity during his high school days. His insatiable hunger for artistic expression led him to pursue photography at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003. Never one to rest on his laurels, he continued his artistic journey by enrolling in the Master of Fine Arts program until 2005, before eventually settling in Australia to refine and cultivate his unique artistic style.

In 2010, Steve's artistic journey took a thrilling turn when he ventured into his career as an independent artist. Starting with still life photography, he fearlessly expanded his horizons, incorporating sculpture, installation, and performance art into his enchanting repertoire. This bold evolution firmly established him as a visionary art leader in Australia.

One of the defining aspects of Light Wizard's artistry is his remarkable talent for creative reuse. With a touch of magic, he can transform ordinary materials into extraordinary masterpieces, giving new life to forgotten objects. This distinctive approach to artistic expression has earned him well-deserved accolades and a devoted following within the art community.

Yet, Light Wizard's art is more than just visually captivating—it carries a profound message of positivity, harmony, and authenticity. His creations aim to astonish and inspire a sense of playful fascination and intrigue. For him, creativity is a sacred practice, and each artwork serves as a beacon of enlightenment, supporting our spiritual evolution.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for! Light Wizard is teaming up with Wild Kandy, unleashing his artistic wizardry to adorn festival outfits and rave wear. Get ready to be spellbound by his captivating creations as he continues to push the boundaries of imagination, offering festival-goers an unexpected and delightful perspective through visionary art.

If you're looking to set yourself apart amidst the sea of festival revelers, channeling your inner magic and embracing the authentic art of festival fashion, be sure to keep a vigilant watch on the Light Wizard x Wild Kandy collaboration. Let the metamorphosis commence, and let your festival style emanate the resplendence of Light Wizard's art! You may even have been captivated by Light Wizard's creations showcased at numerous Australian festivals, often referred to as Bush Doofs, including events like Rainbow Serpent (now Rainbow Spirit Festival), Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Esoteric, Tanglewood, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, and Bohemian Beatfreaks.

If you're seeking to stand out in a sea of festival revelers, expressing your inner magic and celebrating the true art of festival fashion, keep a close eye on the Light Wizard x Wild Kandy collaboration. Let the transformation begin, and let your festival style radiate with the brilliance of Light Wizard's art! ✨🌟

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See you on the dance floor 💜☠️ WK