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There's nothing quite like snuggling up in a warm and cozy blanket at a festival, and the Owl Priestess blanket delivers just that.

Not only is the Owl Priestess blanket perfect for snuggling up after a big night on the dancefloor, but it also provides a sense of home and comfort in a wild environment. Festivals can be overwhelming, but with the Owl Priestess blanket, you'll have a cozy haven to retreat to whenever you need a break from the crowds and noise.

Made with a plush microfleece material and featuring a stunning Owl Priestess design, this blanket is as functional as it is fashionable. Its high-quality construction ensures that it will last through many festivals and adventures to come.

So why be cozy at a festival? Well, first and foremost, it's a great way to stay warm on chilly nights or when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Additionally, a cozy blanket provides a sense of comfort and familiarity, which can help reduce stress and anxiety in unfamiliar surroundings. And let's not forget the bonding experience of snuggling up with friends and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether you're dancing the night away or taking a break to recharge, the Owl Priestess blanket is the perfect festival accessory to keep you warm and comfortable. Don't miss out on the ultimate festival must-have!



• Perfect for watching movies
• The best for snuggling

• Silky-soft premium 100% microfleece blanket
• Outer fabric: Micro-mink 100% polyester
• Lining: Ultra-soft microfiber fleece
• Decorative blanket stitch around the edge

• High-definition printing colours
• Available in 3 sizes
Our festival and rave blankets are handmade for you, they require 4-8 business days before they're shipped.




Inch M L XL
Width 42 ¾ 51 ½ 60
Height 57 ¼ 68 ¾ 80

Centimeter M L XL
Width 108,8 130,6 152
Height 145,5 174,6 202